Apriori Knits builds on more than half a lifetime of my love for, and fascination with knitting. My knitting bag has been a constant companion throughout my education, career, and raising kids.  Always at the ready to carry me through boring lectures, sitting on the sidelines of soccer games or days in the ski lodge waiting for the race to begin. What better way to creatively pass the time, and engage others curiosity about whatever project is currently on my needles.

With Apriori Knits I now hope to inspire others with a line of patterns that reflects my aesthetic for fun and functional knits.  The designs take cues from current trends, while also aspiring to create timeless pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

A priori is Latin for “from what comes before.” It is an homage to all the amazing knitters and designers that have laid the path for me in my knitting journey. I hope in some small way to help continue, and play the tradition forward to new generations of knitters.

Mary Anne Benedetto is a New York based knitter and designer. She combines her love and knowledge of knitting with her concern for the environment to produce ecologically friendly knits.